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Klicka för stor bild. Ajanta Caves The History & The Mystery DVD
av Kultur
It was the year 1819 ...... the sun was shining bright in the sky and a group of young British officers are walking through the forest on a hunt. They are joking and talking ....... one of them spots a tiger and the chase begins. The officers give chase ..... their feet are pounding the ground and the tiger runs down a valley.
The men spot the tiger and are ready to climb down the valley when suddenly the tiger vanishes. The officers are confused. Where could the tiger have gone to? They decide to climb down the sides of the valley and investigate. The valley is embraced by the rugged volcanic arms of the Sahyadri mountain. The Waghora river flows into the valley cutting a deep passage in the rocks..

The British officers reach the bottom of the valley and find themselves confronted by rich vegetation. The valley is like paradise... there are monkeys swinging from the branches... birds singing... the rushing flow of the river. The officers are struck by the peace and beauty of the valley and investigate further.

.Across a valley, they saw a line of rock ridged with watercourses and protected by a lush green cover. Their curiosity was aroused... and they ventured to investigate. Little did they know that behind an innocent curtain of wild foliage lay a treasure beyond their wildest imaginings.

Partially covered by a green foliage of human neglect, the caves gave themselves up to the ravages of time and the elements. Their beautifully sculpted interiors which had once echoed to the chants and whispered conversations of saintly monks now lay damp and dejected, waiting for another lifetime, another blessing from the benevolence of sunlight and recognition. These are the Ajanta caves, paying tribute to a glorious past and the invincible spirit of man. They are some of the finest examples of rock-cut temples in the world and, indeed, a pioneering endeavour in the whole of Asia.

The History

The Buddhist Caves of Ajanta, located in Maharashtra, were built from 200BC to 600AD almost 300 years after the death of The Buddha, when the reverence of its followers had reached its peak. These caves and their sculptures were developed over 850 years. For almost 1200 years then, they were abandoned and forgotten. Interestingly, their isolation contributed to their excellent preservation in which some of the remarkable paintings remain to this day.

Ajanta is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The thirty caves are cut into the steep face of a horse-shoe shaped rock gorge on the Waghure River. They are Vihars (rooms for the traveling monks) and Chaityas (prayer halls). All caves are intricately painted or sculpted depicting stories of the different life cycles of The Buddha - Jataka Tales.

Though initially conceptualized to house the monks, these caves eventually developed as a part of a highly sophisticated, graphically rich culture that evolved for over a thousand years. Moving through the caves, one can actually experience the time warp and the evolution of story telling through the visual medium. Ajanta is a three-dimensional canvas, capturing the changing forms of art, culture, architecture, attires, jewelry, fashion, culinary rituals painted in the most earthen Indian colours.

This rare documentary explores the historical, technological and ecstatic value of the caves and their contents. The caves are now closed to photography due to the sensitivity of light, so the footage and images on this program are truly unique and a must-have for all lovers of art and history. Finns i lager.

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