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Klicka för stor bild. Kundalini Yoga Meditation (DVD)
for Beginners & Beyond
Experience TRANQUILITY WITHOUT TRANQUILIZERS! Expand your awareness. Breathe. Calm your mind and emotions. Redefine yourself from the inside out. Bring out hidden talents. Magnify your gifts. Transform your life! As an antidote to constant activity and information overload, meditation is a must in the context of the lives we lead.  
Our minds crave this type of inner quiet the way a dry sponge is starved for water. This DVD features 12 Meditation segments which include: The All & Everything Meditation, Deep Meditation into Stillness, Rewrite the Book of Your Life, and Breath Purification Series. Bonus Material includes Extended Meditations, Sitting Primer, Mantra Primer, Commentaries for each of the techniques presented, Presets, and much more! As with all of Ana and Ravi's DVD's, this program features amazing music. This DVD will keep you uplifted and inspired and will be a friend for life! Finns i lager.

Pris: 129 Kr
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