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Klicka för stor bild. Mindfield eSense - Biofeedback with Smartphone/Tablet
Biofeedback with the eSense Skin Response!
The Mindfield eSense Skin Response is a small sensor to measure your skin conductance using two electrodes and the microphone input of your iPhone® (from 3G), iPad® (from the first-gen) und iPod touch® (from the 4th-gen). A free app by Mindfield® is included to illustrate your skin conductance in different ways. You can export the values via e-mail and have different possibilities for biofeedback training.
Some of the functions of the Mindfield eSense universal app, Version 1.1.9, for both eSense sensors
• The app supports both eSense sensors. At start you can choose the sensor you have connected. The functions are nearly identical, only some colors, the unit and scaling is different of course.
• Display of measured values as numbers with current value, minimum, maximum, average
• Measured values shown in oscilloscope with adjustable scaling
• Measured values shown in bargraph with adjustable scaling
• Video Feedback (choose your video and it will stop/play according to changes in measured values)
• Musik Feedback (choose your music file and it will modulate its volume according to changes in measured values)
• Tactile feedback! Let your smartphone vibrate, when the values from galvanic skin response or temperature change! Intensity can be adjusted.
• New tone feedback! We have added a new additional tone feedback. You can choose between 5 instruments and define a range for measurement values. In between of this range the tones are modulated by its pitch according to raising or falling values. You can combine this with music feedback volume modulation and tactile feedback. Advanced users can even add their own tones. This is unique worldwide!
• each session can be exported as CSV (comma separated file) either via E-Mail as attachement or to an office application on your device, now you can choose the sample rate by 1Hz, 2Hz, 3Hz, 5Hz or 10Hz, according to your needs.
Many more features are planned and this app will be updated on a regular schedule!
Skin Response / Skin Conductance
Skin response, also known as galvanic skin response (GSR), electrodermal response (EDR) or skin conductance (SC) is a method of measuring the electrical conductance of the skin, which varies with its moisture level. The conductance is measured in µSiemens by the eSense Skin Response. Two electrodes are fixated to the index and middle finger, not too tight to squeeze the blood but also not too loose to keep them in position. The electrodes should not move around, the hand should lay relaxed
The eSense Skin Response measures the electrical conductance (which is the inverse of the electrical resistance) between 2 points, and is essentially a type of ohmmeter. Active measuring involves sending a very small amount of current through the fingers.

How to use the eSense Skin Response?
It is pretty easy! With buying the eSense Skin Response you can download our free app in the App Store by Apple® or Google Play (Android).   (you can also do this before but without a sensor the app will deliver senseless values)
Connect the electrodes to your middle and index finger upper part.
Connect the eSense Skin Response to your iOS device microphone input.
Start the App, read the included instructions and start using your eSense!
Have fun!

Which iOS devices are supported?

    Apple® iPhone® (3GS and higher)

    Apple® iPad® (first generation and higher)

    Apple® iPod touch® (fourth generation and higher)

Which Android devices are supported?

    Android Smartphones and Tablets (Version 2.3 or higher)

    Your Android device needs a 3.5 mm input (standard headphone-type connector) for external microphones. details on Android compatibility

Delivery includes:

    Mindfield® eSense Skin Response Sensor

    2 Velcro®-Electrodes

    Free App by Mindfield® on the App Store or Google Play

    Detailed instructions for effective biofeedback training.

Technical Data

    Measurement at 10 Hz (10 values per second).

    Five values per second (averaged) are stored in the app and can be exported via e-mail. In the resulting CSV file, five rows represent one second of data.

    Resolution: 18bit, rounded to 2 digits after the decimal point. Not rounded for export to CSV.

Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. | IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under licence.

Attention: Never use the eSense Skin Response while you charge your iOS/Android device!

The eSense Skin Response does not need any batteries. It is powered by your iOS/Android device.

Senaste info:
we would like to give some important news about the eSense in combination with Apples new iOS 11 and some more information about the new eSense Amazon Apps!

Yesterday, the 19th, Apple released the new iOS 11. Shortly the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X will be available to purchase.

Of course the eSense will also work with these new devices and the Mindfield eSense universal app (regular 4,99 USD) works also under iOS 11.

The older, free apps for the eSense Skin Response and eSense Temperature are not developed any further and because of changes Apple made in iOS 11, these free eSense Apps will NOT work under iOS 11.

Due to this, with the introduction of iOS 11 our new Mindfield eSense universal app is in sale, until 30th of September, 2017 for only 2,29 Euro / 1,99 USD in the Apple App Store. Should you plan to use iOS 11 please switch using the eSense with our universal app only.

When you would like to continue our free eSense iOS apps, please stay with iOS 10.3 do not update to iOS 11. Or use alternativly the free apps under Android or with an Amazon Fire tablet.

Senaste nytt 12-06-18:
we would like to inform you about an eSense Universal App update! It is available now App Stores for free! We highly recommend to update and to not use the old, native, single apps anymore.

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