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Klicka för stor bild. The Psoas Book
Liz Koch
The Psoas Book is a comprehensive guide to the  
iliopsoas muscle, and its profound influence on the  
body/mind/emotions. Easy to read The Psoas Book  
covers information gathered about the core muscle of  
the human body called the psoas (so-as), and is  
essential reading for anyone interested in health,  
wellness, and movement. The Psoas Book provides a  
great resource for the layperson offering self-help  
understanding, and simple ideas for eliminating low  
back, knee, pelvic, and hip tension.  
For the professional it is a one-of a-kind educational  
resource, and is required reading at University  
Dance and Movement Programs, Massage Schools, Yoga  
Educational Trainings and Pilates and Fitness  
Continuing Education. Purchased for over 28 years by  
laypersons and professionals alike,
The Psoas Book  
is a must read for anyone interested in health,  
healing, movement, bodywork, massage, fitness,  
dance, yoga, Pilates, sports, martial arts,  
somatics, psychology, voice, nursing, plus pregnancy
and birth.
Location: Explains the exact location of the iliopsoas within the human body, and its relationship to muscles, bones, and organs. Function: Clarifies the functions of the iliopsoas as a hip flexor, tensile structure, hydraulic pump, muscular support, and fear reflex. Effects: Details the effects of the iliopsoas on structural balance, joint rotation, muscular compensation, organ function, breath, and emotional health. Childhood Conditioning: Explains the complexities inherent in a short or contracted iliopsoas muscle, and looks at the ways a parent can support a child s core growth and development.
Women's Cycles: Suggests ways to work with the iliopsoas throughout every phase of a woman's life. Includes how releasing the iliopsoas can help relieve menstrual cramps and discomforts; support mother and baby throughout each semester of pregnancy, help ease labor, and provide healthy conditions necessary for vaginal birth. Covers the healthy iliopsoas for maintaining core stability throughout menopause. The Fear Reflex: Offers insight into the voluntary and involuntary survival response (flee, fight, freeze), and the associated emotional patterns for which the iliopsoas muscle plays a key role. Offers a strong case for not palpating or engaging manipulative/invasive techniques when working with the iliopsoas. Releasing The Psoas: Provides simple instructions for how-to release, tone, and lengthen the iliopsoas. Approaches to the Psoas: Reviews popular body systems from the 80's and clarifies their somatic approach when working with the iliopsoas. Applications: (Ergonomics) Offers ways for properly supporting the psoas in everyday activities such as walking, sitting, and selecting shoes.
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