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Klicka för stor bild. Musical Body Harmonizer  
The Ison Method was born out of composer/musician David Isun's own experiences with tapping into the healing power of music. In 1980, after being in a severe car accident, Isun turned to specifically tuned music to help him meditate, breathe and elicit a healing response.  
His attempts were fruitful, and he went on to build off of that foundation and create the "Isun Method." THE MUSICAL BODY: HARMONIZE is specifically aimed at balancing the chakra centers. The initial series of twelve tracks on the album feature guided meditation and narration from Isun, helping the listener to focus on the energy field and understand its purpose. Each of those segments is followed by an instrumental expanse for concentrating on the chakra. The end portion of the recording is a free-form Harmonizer sans narration. The musical aspects of the program involve keyboard tones and synth washes, which were recorded using specific keynotes and chord patterns designed to entrain the breath and resonate with the chakra. Finns i lager!

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